Welcome To Our Restaurant!
Peking Gourmet II

What Makes Us Different?

Our Story

Our family has always had a strong culinary identity, and our passion is to bring incredible aromas, colors, and flavors to your table. Using family recipes passed down from generation to generation, we know you won't be disappointed. Our Chef has over a quarter century’s worth of experience that he puts into each and every dish we serve.

Our Food

Unlike other Chinese restaurants, we don’t use MSG in our dishes. Using the freshest ingredients, herbs and spices, to bring the natural flavor of the food dominate your taste buds. Our passion for food, leads to the development of new flavors and new dishes, while perfecting old favorites.

Catering Services

With our catering services, we make it easy for you to plan your event. For your next meeting or party, why not share the food you love with people that you care about? Let us handle the food while you focus on entertaining your guests. Create your own set of party trays from our menu of over 100 items