Our Journey Begins...
Peking Gourmet II
  • January 1989

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Our family stepped foot into America in January of 1989. We worked hard to save up enough money to fullfill our dream of opening up our first restaurant.

  • Founded in 1993

    A Restaurant is Born

    In 1993, Peking Gourmet II was established. Since then, Peking Gourmet II has always provided quality and tasty Chinese cuisine at affordable prices. Using family recipes and combining them with modern ingredients and techniques, our chefs create masterful dishes from scratch.

  • 2010

    Internet Presence

    We strive to provide the community with exceptional dining services and a pleasant experience. We wanted to extend this pleasant experience online and so we decided to launch our website and Facebook page. This launch enabled our customers to browse our menu, contact us, and get directions.

  • October 2016

    Revamp of Our Website

    We wanted to share our story, our food, and our culture with the world. What better way of sharing this experience than with the launch of our new and improved website? Come and be a part of this restaurant experience nestled in the Great Smoky Montains of Sylva, North Carolina.

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